Cancer pain is a serious medical problem affecting about 75% of patients. As the disease progresses, the percentage of those suffering from pain increases. On the whole, cancer pain is one of the most common symptoms accompanying the disease and the symptom that patients fear the most. Pain, and even the awareness that it may occur, affects a person’s mood and modifies their health behavior, and may lead to changes in the treatment process. The perception of pain in cancer patients is sometimes so great and long-lasting that it disorganizes the patient’s life, making it impossible for them to function even on a basic level and degenerating the patient’s psyche.

Material and methods:
The study was carried out on 661 patients of the Pain Treatment Clinic in the years 2016–2019. The survey was conducted using standardized tools – Melzack’s qualitative pain questionnaire and an 11-point numerical rating scale (NRS).

Moderate and severe pain intensity was reported by 90% of interviewed patients, who required immediate modification of the current treatment and implementation of additional adjuvant drugs. Almost 50% of them reported constant pain with varying severity.

Pain is not only a medical problem, but also a clinical, psychological, and socio-economic issue. Its multidimensional nature affects patients’ functioning and quality of life. Therefore, it has to be properly diagnosed and treated like a disease itself.

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