Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common inflammatory joint disease characterised by progressive cartilage destruction. Management of this condition remains a significant challenge, and new therapies are required. We investigated the protective effects of miR-106a mimics in a murine model of OA.

Material and methods:
This study was performed using both in vitro and in vivo OA models. Primary chondrocytes were isolated from female rats, with inflammation induced via treatment with lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Then the effects of a miR-106a mimic were examined based on the level of inflammatory cytokine production and apoptotic signalling following LPS stimulation. An in vivo rat model of OA was generated by injecting LPS into the anterior cruciate ligament, followed by treatment with miR-106a mimics. Then, inflammatory and apoptotic protein expression was assessed in the cartilage tissue.

Treatment with miR-106a mimic reduced the levels of inflammatory cytokines and apoptotic proteins in cartilage tissues following LPS-induced inflammation. Furthermore, the mimic ameliorated the expression of DR-6 mRNA and DR6, IκBα, and p65 proteins in chondrocytes. Similar effects were seen in the in vivo model, with the mimic attenuating expression of NF-κB, p65, IκBα, and DR6 proteins and improving histopathological outcomes in the chondrocytes of OA rats.

Treatment with miR-106a mimic ameliorates inflammation in cartilage tissues of OA subjects by activating death receptor 6 via the NF-κB signalling pathway.

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