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Nosocomial rotavirus gastroenterocolitis in a large tertiary paediatric hospital in Warsaw, 2006-2010
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Submission date: 2011-03-07
Final revision date: 2011-08-11
Acceptance date: 2011-09-11
Online publication date: 2013-02-10
Publication date: 2013-06-01
Arch Med Sci 2013;9(3):493-498
Introduction: Rotaviruses are the leading cause of community-acquired and nosocomial gastroenterocolitis in children. There are limited data concerning the epidemiology of nosocomial rotavirus gastroenterocolitis (NRVG) in Central European countries, including Poland. The aim of our study was to analyse the epidemiology of NRVG in a large tertiary hospital in Warsaw.
Material and methods: We analysed retrospectively data of 63 173 patients aged 0-18 years hospitalized in the period 2006-2010. Nosocomial rotavirus gastroenterocolitis was defined as acute gastroenterocolitis (> 3 loose, or looser than normal, stools in 24 h and/or vomiting), confirmed with rapid immunochromatographic test (BioMaxima, Poland), if symptoms developed > 48 h after admission.
Results: In total 575 cases of NRVG were diagnosed. The cumulative attack rate of NRVG was calculated as 0.91% (95% CI: 0.85-0.98%). The incidence density was 2.05/1000 bed-days (95% CI: 0.19-0.22/1000 bed-days). The mean proportion of NRVG among all rotavirus infections was 24%. The highest rates of NRVG were noted at wards where the mean duration of hospital stay was longer than 5 days (General Paediatrics and Neonatal Pathology). Seventy-one percent of children with NRVG were younger than 2 years. The mean duration of hospital stay of children with NRVG was longer than the average duration of hospitalization (11.6 days vs. 4.6 days, p < 0.01).
Conclusions: Our study showed a relevant incidence of NRVG, which can prolong the children’s hospital stay. Limiting the number of NRVG is important to improve patients’ safety and to avoid additional costs. Routine vaccination against rotavirus diseases could reduce the number of NRVG.
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