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Anthropometric indices in relation to overweight and obesity among Turkish medical students
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Submission date: 2011-05-13
Final revision date: 2011-06-14
Acceptance date: 2011-07-24
Online publication date: 2012-05-09
Publication date: 2012-04-30
Arch Med Sci 2012;8(2):209-213
Introduction: The aim of this study was to present the reference anthropometric data associated with obesity for cardiovascular risk and metabolic diseases for healthy young adults in a Turkish population.
Material and methods: The study group consisted of 1163 second-year medical students (650 women, 513 men) aged 20-25 years from Çukurova University in Adana and the measurements were made using a flexible standard measuring tape. The data were collected during the period 2007-2011.
Resultsv: From 1163 medical students, the mean values of body mass index, circumferences of waist, hip, neck, mid-arm, thigh and calf were 20.89 ±1.6 kg/m2, 73.15 ±5.1 cm, 95.35 ±4.8 cm, 30.32 ±1.37 cm, 24.12 ±1.75 cm, 47.23 ±3.26 cm and 34.36 ±2.19 cm respectively in women, while the same measurements were 21.98 ±1.67 kg/m2, 77.73 ±5.81 cm, 95.64 ±4.81 cm, 35.61 ±1.43 cm, 25.60 ±1.84 cm, 44.10 ±3.26 cm and 34.92 ±2.08 cm respectively in men. Moreover, waist to hip ratio, waist to height ratio and neck to height ratio were respectively 0.76, 0.44 and 0.18 in women and 0.81, 0.43 and 0.19 in men.
Conclusions: The precise knowledge of anthropometric data could be used as reference values for evaluating the body composition and fat distribution of Turkish young people.
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